Frozen Strawberry and Cream Bars

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You had me at 'Strawberry and cream'. From very early on in my childhood my Grandmother had a strawberry patch. This strawberry patch (like much of my Grandmother's garden) was abundant and awe inspiring. As young children when we would visit my Grandmother, if we were lucky on our timing of the year and growing season, we would end up at her home when we could spend hours in her garden picking the juiciest berries. She grew raspberries and strawberries the most and although she had many desserts up her sleeve with these vibrant ingredients, the one that I loved the most was fresh strawberries and cream.

Coming across this recipe for my 2 favorite ingredients together in a frozen medley topped with a nutty graham crust made my heart leap and my stomach growl. To make the actual ice cream one has to mix together a few kinds of cream, egg whites, some sugar and some lemon juice. The topping is a like a crust and a crumble all in one, and the flavor is out of this world. I did not have graham crackers when I tried it, but the nutty topping was perfect for my taste buds.

This recipe is easiest to make with a food processor and only take a bit of time to whip together. The patience is required in the waiting time to let the cream center harden. When finally they came out of the freezer (I waited the entire night) I called over some friends and we cut into these delicious bars for such a treat.

For this absolutely delicious frozen strawberries and cream bar recipe, check out the website link below to 'Culinary Couture' blog for the full list of ingredients and directions.

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