Frozen Strawberry Crumble Cake

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I have just finished reading (and saving to my recipe file folder) Community Table contributor Ben Rayls frozen strawberry crumble cake, which he mentions he tried last winter, and loved, and now that summer is on the horizon I think its this cakes time to truly shine.

Picture a 'crumble' meeting an 'ice cream cake'. Beautiful summer strawberries, crunchy, golden brown crumble, frozen, creamy centre. This is one of those combination desserts that combines 2 of my favourite individual desserts and I can already see this being one of my highlight recipes for the summer.

Anything that uses fresh berries, I am game to try because it means I get to eat them while I bake. This Frozen crumble does not call for a sauce, but I think a nice strawberry compote or simple syrup option for you and your fellow eaters which could be ladled over individual servings would top this dessert off nicely. Although suggested prep time in only 25 minutes, this recipe does require a little bit of time to full set in the freezer (about 6 hours) so it is definitely something you would want to prepare well in advance of any get-togethers to make sure it is ready to serve when dessert time comes.

One thing I did notice about Bens recipe is that it calls for 2 tbsp of lemon juice. For some reason, I have found that my taste buds are particularly sensitive to acids and the urge to squish my face up from even small amounts of lemon can sometimes be overwhelming for me. When it comes time for me to try this out, I might go ahead and cut that recommendation in half and just start with the use 1 tbsp of lemon juice. I like the idea of some tartness for this recipe, but you may want to calibrate the lemon based on your like/tolerance of it.

Either way, for the full tutorial and recipe, visit the Community Table website by following the link at the bottom of this article.

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