Frugal Four Season Burlap Wreath

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Burlap is an inexpensive material that can be used for a variety of DIY ideas and do it yourself crafts. Whenever you are in need of an inexpensive and quick wreath, burlap can provide the perfect compliment to a variety of projects to do. For this DIY idea and projects to do, you will need a pool noodle, a glue gun, burlap and a needle and thread to make a few easy stitches. To make you will need to measure the amount of burlap that needs to cover the pool noodle and the additional amount for a fringed edge. Laying the burlap straps end to end, you can then secure the seams with a glue gun to help create one long continuous strip. You will want to take a look at the Hometalk site for the step by step tutorial on this easy to make do it yourself craft.

Next, you will need to wrap the burlap around the pool noodle to get the measurement for the seam that you will be sewing to make a tube shape to slide over the pool noodle. You can hand stitch with a simple running stitch the entire length of the burlap strip. Once the seam is finished, you can slide the sewn tube over the pool noodle and give it a scrunched look. The ends of the pool noodle should be cut on an angle for a better fit when joined. You can also add a twig from outside to the center hole for extra glue surface and secure all the pieces with a glue gun. For added strength, you can even seal the ends with duct tape, as there might be some resistance with the pool noodle wanting to straighten itself out again. You can use gardening wire to wrap around and create a hanger for the burlap wreath at the back. You can also make a boutiner of some sort and add a safety pin as a means to swap out for the next season. You can make a simple burlap bow and glue it as a permanent look to your wreath but the snowflakes are a temporary seasonal accent as is the boutiner on this diy idea and do it yourself craft. Some of the materials that you will need for this DIY idea and do it yourself craft is some burlap, a pool noodle and some wreath accents that you should be able to find at the Dollar Store.

Burlap and natural fibers can be used in a variety of autumn DIY ideas and decorating projects when the fall harvest becomes the main focus of most households. Burlap and natural fibers go perfectly with pumpkins and pine cones, acorns and corn. With burlap fiber creating the perfect display of nature's harvest and lending to an elegant yet cozy creative display around the house. Burlap can be used in do it yourself crafts in the form of welcoming wreaths, dinner table decorations and more. The use of burlap can be extended all year long to include winter holidays where burlap or jute can be wrapped around the tree, playing a vital role in diy ideas and the creation of cozy Christmas tree garlands and table runners to springtime as a wrapping for pots. With these creative ideas and DIY ideas in mind, you are sure to find a variety of project to do that use burlap.

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