Fruit Cocktail Fluff

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Making a dessert can be an easy thing and if you have a recipe like this one from Tracey then you will have a new and exciting addition to your simple dessert recipes list. Dessert recipes can be easy and if you find one that looks tough then just relax because most recipes will be well laid out and pretty easy to follow. Easy desserts like this one can be made to satisfy a craving or can be a great way to offer your family and guests a fresh meal. Dessert recipes that include fruit are great ways to get fruit to your finicky eaters and if you tell your kids that it is dessert the chances of them eating it go way up. Most kids love dessert and if you have any one of many simple dessert recipes that include fruit you are on your way to getting the little ones to eat fruit. So if you are trying to get your child to eat fruit then try to get them involved in making the easy desserts recipe you have. They might be more inclined to eat the offering even with fruit in it if they had a hand in creating it. With having your children or significant other helping in the choosing and giving a hand in the making then many complaints you usually have to hear will simply disappear when the family is involved in the process.

Fluff desserts are probably called that since they are so fluffy and good-looking. These dessert ideas have not been with us as long as you might expect. They are a fairly new way to combine fruit with nuts in a salad that can be great at any time of year and can go with just about any meal. Today they are mainly made with whipped cream, marshmallows, fruit and nuts. The first documented version of a fluff salad comes to us from the Barbary Coast. Yes it is a new idea that was only first thought of and made at the beginning of the 20th century. Just after the great earthquake of 1906 that decimated the City of San Francisco the original fluff salad was made in 1910. The original recipe that came from the City by the Bay was made with gelatin and crushed pineapples. There was no whipped cream or marshmallows in the recipe but it was the basis for the many and varied ones we have seen since then.

You now have many different recipes for it and since it is so easy to make you are the person who can come up with a new version. You are only limited by your imagination and by the ingredients that you love. If you are not a fan of marshmallows then leave them out. You can even take out the whipped cream and go with the original recipe and use jello and fruit and if you are feeling nutty then add some nuts to the mix. Thanks to Tracey of The Kitchen is my Playground Blog for this yummy Fruit Cocktail Fluff Recipe and bon apetit.**

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