Fudgy Chocolate Banana Bread

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Enjoy a Fudgy Chocolate Banana Bread recipe for dinner tonight with this quick and easy recipe from the site, Bibby’s Kitchen @36. This Fudgy Chocolate Banana Bread recipe includes lots of good for you ingredients that you will be happy to serve your family when you make this particular banana bread recipe. This banana bread recipe adopts some of the latest methods to add sweetness and richness to a dessert while not adding in too much sugar. Sugar, as we all know, can cause significant sugar rushes and sugar spikes that end in sugar crashes. So although the sugar can provide a quick energy pick me up, it also ends with a sugar low that can leave you pooped out on the couch. It is much better to try and avoid these wild ups and downs for optimum health. This banana bread recipe attempts to do just that. It substitutes dates, which contain sugar, but less of it and in a rawer and less readily digestible form. As such, the dates are possibly a better source of sugar than pure white sugar.

This Fudgy Chocolate Banana Bread recipe combines some interesting ingredients to provide a more nutritional and yet still delicious snacking cake for you to make today. This banana cake recipe follows all the usual blending methods and cooking methods, and offers a chocolate ganache to top the cake when it is ready, so do not be nervous about making it. There are no special blending tactics. There are just some new and fun ingredients to use to make a yummy banana bread cake recipe for you and the family for dinner tonight. This banana bread recipe includes coconut oil, which will serve to both contrast against as well as underscore the banana flavor in this bread recipe. You will really enjoy the smooth and slightly nutty taste that comes when you use coconut oil. It is somewhat different than the flavor that comes with shredded coconut, although you could also add in some of that ingredient if you wanted to.

The ripe bananas that are part of this banana bread recipe will also bring great flavor and lots of moistness to this recipe. Bananas are nutritional powerhouses that bring lots of good vitamins and minerals wherever they are used. And bananas can be quite versatile. We often think of them as a fruit that goes in to sweet desserts, but they are also delicious when served with other foods or dishes. For example, try cooking carrots in orange juice and adding bananas just when you go to serve them. Delicious. As well, a single banana mashed well and added to a simple white loaf brings a wonderful texture.

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