Fudgy Marsmallow Brownie Cake

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Fudgy Marsmallow Brownie Cake is a sweet delight that kids especially will love. It is an easy and inexpensive dessert, too, and so on that you can make for them often. And, of course, it is full of marshmallow, another plus with the under 12 year old crowd. So make this simple cake and enjoy it.

One of the great things about this recipe is that it is made from scratch. That way, you know just what the ingredients are that you are feeding to your family, and just how much sugar is in the dish. You cannot really change the sugar added, but you can make sure that the kids have had a good dinner before getting a measured slice of the snack at hand. In addition, you can make yummy snacks that include nuts and fruits so the kids get some nutrition with all that yumminess. Of course, sometimes, it is just nice to have a treat. And that is how you can see this dish. Marshmallows are squishy, foamy and fun to eat, and here they are also slathered with chocolate frosting, making them doubly delicious.

So enjoy this recipe for Fudgy Marsmallow Brownie Cake. You can even have the kids place the marshmallows on the brownies when you make them. Or you could use mini marshmallows, made from multi-colors and flavors; basically, make what ever the kids like. They will have fun putting them on the brownies for you (and stealing a few while they do it) and then eating it later. This dessert for Fudgy Marsmallow Brownie Cake is cheap and tasty. Make it for the kids, and consider serving it warm with ice cream. Why not?

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