Fudgy White Chocolate Brownies

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Fudgy White Chocolate Brownies are a twist on an old classic. Brownies have been the cornerstone of baking for about one hundred years, and possibly longer. They started as a real culinary coup de grace for an aspiring baker. That is because of the heavy amounts of butter and chocolate the baker had to deal with in the recipe. Some of the oldest recipes eschew any leavening agents, too, and so the lightness of the blend depended on the culinary skill of the baker to whip the butter and sugar just right, ensure the temperature of the chocolate was perfect and when to add it to the butter and sugar, and how to expertly fold in the flour so as to lose as little air as possible from the mixture. Quite the feat, and quite the skill to manage all of these steps well.

Today, we have lots of ways to bake brownies, and make them fabulous, including this variation with white chocolate. White chocolate is not a chocolate at all, really, or at least not according to some chocolate aficionados. White chocolate is made from a derivative of chocolate, though. White chocolate is made with the usual cocoa butter, milk (solids, usually) and sugar, but excluding cocoa powder. And it is the cocoa powder that makes chocolate, well, chocolate. But, do we care? It tastes fabulous, and is an extra special treat to have in a dessert such as brownies. And it cooks and works exactly the same way as chocolate does, so be careful not to burn it when you are melting it.

And this recipe is a true classic in that it is made with unsalted butter and no leavening agent. So blend carefully and well. Try this treat tonight, and serve it warm with whipped cream. Yum. Your family will be very grateful.

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