Fully Loaded Bundt for Breakfast

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This fun breakfast idea is a good way to make something savory rather than sweet in your bundt pan. When you think of bundt pans, you typically think of bundt cakes, but this fun breakfast idea is going to change that. This is a fun breakfast idea that you could serve when you have guests over, and a good way to get the kids to eat their breakfast. With crispy, pan-fried hashbrowns, and sauteed spinach, this fun breakfast idea can be adapted to the ingredients you have on hand. You'll want to make sure you thoroughly spray the bundt pan first really well. Then layer in some of the bread cubes followed by layers of ham, green onions and some cheese. This is a fun breakfast idea that will leave you feeling filled up, and the perfect recipe idea to start the day. You can change up the fun breakfast idea using some sweet bell peppers or broccoli instead of the spinach, along with using sausage or bacon instead of ham. For the full step by step fun breakfast idea and family breakfast recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Melady Cooks site.

This family breakfast recipe calls for 12 large eggs, that's a lot of eggs, you might wonder which are the best eggs to buy. With so many eggs to choose from to include brown, white eggs, jumbo, organic eggs, free range, vegetarian eggs, pastured eggs, it's difficult to know which are the best eggs to buy. Most of the eggs pretty much look the same. With so many eggs to consider, it's not easy to know which are the best eggs to buy, with so many labels these days it can be a bit confusing. Hormone-free might seem great but often means nothing. Vegetarian-Fed Hens don’t really make a lot of sense because the chickens are scavengers. Yes, chickens eat grains and seeds, but the chickens are omnivores, and they eat just about everything to include earthworms, little specks of insects, crickets and fly larvae that are harvested in cow patties. The following are just some of the eggs that you might consider are the best eggs to buy, and to use in your fun breakfast ideas, and family breakfast recipes.

Kosher eggs. Kosher eggs simply mean that the eggs are not cracked, which means that almost any chicken egg provided they are not broken can be Kosher. Only eggs that are broken or eggs that have blood spots aren’t considered kosher. Conventional eggs. Conventional hen laying eggs live in cramped battery cages, with mesh cells that prevent the hens from ever stretching their wings, nesting or doing anything besides producing eggs. Battery eggs might sound like the cages are electrified, or that the chickens are battered. But the term actually just comes from how the hundreds or sometimes thousands of the wire cells neighbor another cage and the chicken share wire dividers, just like the cells in a battery. Pastured eggs are probably the best eggs to buy and your safest bet. Usually, the pasture-raised hens live outdoors and eat a diet of seeds and insects that can also help to improve the taste and nutrition of the eggs. Free-range eggs are better because the chickens must have some access to the outdoors. But access doesn’t necessarily mean that the chickens go outside a lot. Some free-range chickens can roam freely on lovely fields, but other chickens can only access only a screened-in porch, it really depends on the farm.

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