Fun to Make Felt and Pine Cone Elves

Photo Credit: Lia Griffith

Felt and Pine Cone Elves are quick and easy as well as economical to make. They are easy enough for the little ones to at least help, so be sure to get the kids in on this fun. It will be a pleasant day for every one when you make up these Felt and Pine Cone Elves. Start the day by showing the kids the website and perhaps even printing out the sample elves that you can see at Lia Griffith’s page. Then you can use the pictures as a helpful guide when you are making your own elves later today. Then take the kids on a trip to the store. Bring the pictures you have printed out with you so you can know what materials you need or want to buy to make your own elves. You are not limited by what is in the pictures, but they may be very helpful for you to decide what you and your kids want to make on their little friendly elves.

This is a great project that can be a day long and a fun time with the kids. Head out in the morning to pick up the materials you might need for the project. May be you could include lunch out as part of this special day. Then head home to start the job. Some of the more delicate and difficult parts, such as making the hats for the elves you might have to make for the little ones. But once made, they can glue them in place. Or glue the hats together rather than sewing them. Either way, they will be very cute and the kids will have a lot of fun putting these little elves together.

Almost any colors will work, and you can coordinate them to go with your own holiday color scheme. For example, our holiday color scheme is blue, silver and contrasting burgundy and brown. Others like the classic red, green and white, whereas others change their color scheme each year to be as trendy as possible. Make your little men to reflect all of these different color schemes and then you can give them to friends as gifts to match their home décor.

Have the kids make these as little gifts to give to visitors to the house over the holiday season. They will be proud to give people, family, and friends, one of these little elves to take home and put on their own tree, in their window, or some other special spot. And these little creatures are cheap enough that you can afford to make and give away plenty of them. Then save all the scraps for next year! You know the little ones will be clamoring to make them again!

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