Funfetti Smores Cupcakes

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With a crazy name like Funfetti S’mores Cupcakes you know these are going to be real winners with adults and kids alike. This recipe has a whopping four layers of flavor and texture to appeal to your tummy in every bite. Don’t worry, though, it is also a straightforward recipe that the creator, Something Swanky, has made simple and easy to follow. The instructions are clear and the photos will have you drooling. So try these cupcakes out today. The layers vary in the work involved and some of them are great for little hands to help with. For example, a graham cracker layer in the cupcake recipe requires that the graham crackers be mashed. Little hands can start that part while you prepare the cupcake batter.Later, marshmallows are set on top of the cupcakes, but first they need to be set out on a tray to be toasted. Little helpers can set up the marshmallows for this task. Be careful, of course, to have plenty of marshmallows available as payment for all the work your little helper(s) will do. They get hungry when they work, and demand instant payment and lots of it for their efforts! Be glad they’re not unionized!

This cupcake recipe is a delightful blend of graham wafer, cupcake, chocolate ganache, and marshmallow. It is beautiful to look at and will please everyone’s palette. It blends a series of crunchy, smooth and creamy textures that will be delicious to eat, and make these cupcakes one everyone asks for again and again. These cupcakes are good enough for a kid’s party or celebratory dinner. Take them to a BBQ or picnic. They are versatile and can work with dressed up dinners or casual gatherings. Why not head over to the website and try them out today? Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Something Swanky, by following the link below.

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