Funnel Cake

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This Funnel Cake recipe is almost as much fun to make as it is to eat. A funnel cake is made by pouring a relatively thin cake batter into a funnel and then “funneling” the batter into hot oil. The motion you use is a sort of circular or spiraling movement that creates little bits and bites of the funnel cake. It is crisp, greasy (of course) and delicious. Funnel cakes are often served smothered in icing sugar, the perfect way to complement this wonderful treat.

Funnel cakes may go back at least as far as the 14th century. Ancient cookbooks mention the funnel concept in baking cakes, and it is though that this is where the idea originates. More recently, the Pennsylvania Dutch have been credited with the funnel cake, but that is likely lore. The older history that the Funnel cake comes to us from northern or possibly western Europe is likely more accurate.

In any event, this is a light and lovely cake, with no pretensions to grandeur, but instead, just plain yummy taste. It is a unique offering in that most of us do not think to swirl an entire cake’s worth of batter into a hot pan of oil in order to cook it. But that is just what this recipe does, and it is worth it. This cake is one I like to make in the winter, and serve warm, with plenty of hot chocolate and whipped cream. It is just the right kind of food for days that are sunny, cold and bright and you have been out walking, skating, on the toboggan runs or elsewhere getting chilled. And when you come home there is funnel cake waiting. It does not get any better than this. Enjoy this cake when the weather begins to turn cold. Of course, you can practice making it while the weather is still warm, and get plenty of helpful tips to improve by winter from your family (I would bet!). Enjoy.

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