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Nicole and Brandt from Rescued Furnishings have some amazing diy ideas for us featured on Hometalk. The married couple actually has their own furniture and cabinetry refurbishing business that they started up in 2013. It started out as a hobby type of business for them, but within a few years, they were able to move on from their engineering careers into their own home renovation and restoration business. They also do diy workshops where they share different diy ideas and do it yourself home projects with the attendees and teach people how to do certain diy projects. They also share their diy ideas online through their own website and through their blog, as well as on Hometalk. This is one of their most popular projects on the internet, the Galapagos Blue Kitchen Transformation. The couple absolutely loves the colour, and they are adding Galapagos Blue everywhere they can now. It's their signature colour that they actually invented themselves which is very cool. They even won a contest in 2015 hosted by General Finishes. This entire kitchen was redone in the beautiful, deep and rich blue colour and it looks amazing.

It turns out the couple loves the colour so much they are even painting their own kitchen in it. You can see in the photos on the Hometalk website, the photos of the popular kitchen transformation they did for one of their clients and their own kitchen cabinets that they've painted using the Galapagos Blue paint colour. You can see that the colour looks great in both kitchens even though they have different designs and different cabinets too. You can also see a kitchen island they did for one of their clients in the same colour which also looks great and adds a pop of colour to the kitchen. You can use colour in this way, either to be the main colour or just an accent colour by adding it to only one area of the room. It would even look great as a colour for a feature wall in any room, even in a bathroom to add some depth and interest. You might be wondering how they get their cabinets to look so wonderful though. The truth is, whenever you're doing any do it yourself home projects is to take your time and do things the right way. Don't cut any corners.

The couple repairs and restores the cabinets before they even start to paint them. Gluing any joints that need that and they also caulk things too before painting. They also deal with any water damage to get rid of any surface cracks. It's very common for cabinets to have this, and it's something that can be taken care of to make the cabinets look great. They created their signature colour with some Corinth blue, dark chocolate and sunglow yellow and General Finishes produces the paint for them, and they rebottle it in smaller quantities. The paint is also self-levelling, it's an acrylic based paint, and it's self-sealing. After painting they seal the cabinets with a resin that is water resistant and UV protected called Modern Masters Supreme Clear. This is important especially in bathrooms and kitchens where there will be lots of moisture and even water splashing on the cabinets. If you're thinking about redoing your own kitchen, it would be helpful to have a peek at some of the great do it yourself home projects on Hometalk as well as the diy ideas from Rescued Furnishings. You can search through many different do it yourself home projects on both websites and find something that you can use to spruce up your own home.***

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