Garden Decoration Made From Recycled Wood

Photo Credit: Good Home Design

A garden decoration made from recycled wood is a great way to use up old lumber rather than letting it all just go to waste. In this website design, palettes were wonderfully reconfigured to create new seating, tables and even some flooring. With a little work, some elbow grease, and some thought, these pieces of wood were transformed in to spectacular furniture. The photos on the website are well worth viewing.

Wood is a really good material for building almost anything you can think up. Often, the wood has not been treated if it has been used for palettes or other similar structures. That means people with allergies or other sensitivities may not negatively react around these products. Many of today’s synthetic materials can also release chemicals and other toxins that you might prefer to not inhale, or have your family inhaling. That makes wood a good choice for recycling in to things you might need or want in or around your home.

Natural wood can be a better choice. New wood, especially specialty woods, can be cost prohibitive. But, if you collect wood from other sources, especially wood pallets from construction sites you may find yourself with plenty of wood for any number of projects around or even inside your home. Construction sites often have a backlog of pallets and they will be glad to have you truck them off. Otherwise, they often have to pay to have them removed and taken to some kind of recycling or dumping station. If the pallets are just dumped, it is a real waste of potentially recyclable and reusable materials. Most companies would likely much prefer that people who are interested and capable take the materials to make something useful with them.

This website gives plenty of inspiration for ideas that you might use both inside or outside your home. Check it out today and get started on your project idea tomorrow.

Find out how to make this garden decoration and many others at the website, Good Home Design, by following the link below.

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