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Mexican cuisine is a wonderful mix of spices and fresh ingredients. This recipe from Donna’s kitchen will give you an easy homemade salsa recipe that will go great for dipping or can be great with many meat and fish dishes. Every tomato salsa recipe you find will make it easy for you to include the spices that you and your diners love. Salsa is a great sauce that has so many different possibilities for where to use it that it gives you free rule as far as what to add it to or what to dip in it. Many salsas include avocados and if you are a fan then you can easily add it to this recipe that does not. As with all recipes you will come across you will quickly realize that they are not made for you to follow religiously but are more of a guide to bring you to a place where you feel comfortable.

If you are not a fan of jalapenos then just add sweet red peppers. Never feel that you are tied to all the ingredients and the cooking processes. Easy homemade salsa can be one like this offering from Donna. Many tomato salsa recipe ideas come from the original one that was made when someone decided to make a sauce to go with something that might have been cooked to long and somewhat dried out. Mexican cuisine is a mix of indigenous cooking with the recipes that the Spanish explorers brought along with themIf you are a fan of nachos and tortilla chips then you will have at one time or another run into a salsa dip. If you have never tried one then take this recipe and make it and indulge yourself. If you are a seasoned veteran of salsas then be happy to have found this delicious mix of tomatoes, onions, peepers and fresh cilantro. This basic recipe has been made to include many other

ingredients that have only helped to make it more popular than ever. Most of us will find ourselves going to the supermarket to buy our salsa but Donna will show you an easy way to

make your own and if you decide to follow her guidelines then always remember that you can add whatever you want to the mix.

If you find that tomatoes are in season in your area and you want to make a batch of salsa then take the tomatoes you buy and get yourself a large plastic well-sealed container and have at it. Make enough to last you for a month or more. Salsa is great and if you have your own then whenever you feel the urge to indulge it is not farther then your own fridge or freezer. Salsa freezes well and if you want then make a few different containers full that you can use for individual times. You will be happy to know the ingredients and no chemicals added.Thanks to Donna of The Slow Roasted Italian Blog for this yummy Fresh Garden Salsa Recipe and bon apetit. **

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