Garlic and Herb Pull-Apart Rolls with Cheese

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This garlic and rosemary pull-apart rolls with asiago cheese recipe results in super pillowy rolls with the decadence of shredded asiago cheese and garlic strewn throughout. These buns are very similar to a traditional potato roll recipe, but they have the addition of spectacular flavours like earthy rosemary and nutty asiago cheese. At the times of year when you need an exceptional dinner roll recipe, try making this garlic-rosemary rolls recipe for an impressive addition to the dinner table.

Easy dinner rolls like these should remain in your back pocket all year round, but are extra good at family functions like Thanksgiving and Christmas when you want to indulge a little bit more. Like potato roll recipes, these buns have the addition of mashed potatoes for a moist, fluffy roll. The asiago cheese is what takes them over the top into a world of decadence and makes these buns special enough to serve at any special event. Asiago is made from cow’s milk in Italy and has a similar nutty flavour to parmesan. Similar to Parmesan cheese, Asiago has a DOP standing, meaning that actual asiago cheese comes from the Veneto and Trentino regions of Italy alone. Even if cheese is prepared outside of the area with the same ingredients and manufacturing practices, it can’t be sold as asiago cheese since it wasn’t produced in the region of the Asiago Plateau. If you are wondering about cheese nutrition and if it is a healthy component to your diet, this particular cheese does contain high amounts of calcium and a little sugar. The only downfall is that cheese is usually high in sodium content, but in moderation, a little cheese is perfectly fine to consume.

This dinner roll recipe is fun food for kids because of their pull apart nature. Once you shape all the balls of dough in this cheese roll recipe, you place them close together on a baking sheet so that they baked together and had to be pulled apart. These rolls will likely taste the best warm and make your kitchen and house smell amazing, so consider baking them the day of your gathering. The roll recipe will be at its optimum freshness and be something everyone can indulge in.

Cooking garlic has a tendency to sweeten its flavour and make it appealing to even non-garlic lovers. It is worth noting the value of garlic nutrition in our diet; particularly as it plays such a prominent roll in this rosemary dinner rolls recipe. Garlic is very high in vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B6, while it contains high amounts of selenium, phosphorus, and calcium. Other than the ability to cause bad breath, there are no other ill effects from eating garlic. The nutritional value of garlic makes it a excellent food to include in everyone’s diet since vitamins like C and B6 are good for maintaining a healthy immune system. Thank you to Ingrid, at ‘The Cozy Apron’, for showing us how to make her garlic and rosemary pull-apart rolls with asiago cheese recipe. **

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