Garlic Bacon Roasted Potatoes

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Garlic Bacon Roasted Potatoes gives you yet another opportunity in a terrific recipe to show case all that potatoes have to offer us (and at any meal). Potatoes are such a humble little vegetable that we do not pay much attention to, but they are versatile and delicious and can be prepared in myriad ways. They are one of the few veggies that can be equally delicious served cold, warm or hot and go well at breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be made in to a meal all by themselves, or combined with other meat, chicken, fish or veggies to make a larger dinner. They can be baked, boiled, fried, double cooked, at the very least, and there are plenty of other ways to make them, especially if you also mash, dice, or chop them in the making. They also season well, and taste equally good whether cooked with Indian, Asian, Greek, Italian or almost any other country’s spicing.

Here potatoes are made with the lovely salty and sultry complement of bacon. Yum. To increase the nutrition, consider using olive oil in this recipe, and be sure you let the garlic sit a few minutes after you crush or chop it so that the alliinase, an important anti-oxidant, can oxidize and begin to release all its goodness. There are a surprising number of veggies and other ingredients that do well when they are cut open and then let to sit before eating. Broccoli is actually one of them.

In any case, this is a great combination of ingredients that you can serve for any meal of the day, or even as a snack in the evening. Use olive oil, be sure to let the garlic sit before exposing it to heat, and do not peel the potatoes. All of these steps will not affect the great taste, but will increase the nutritional value of what you serve. And that is always a good thing, right? Enjoy these Garlic Bacon Roasted Potatoes soon.

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