Garlic Cheese Bread

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Baking bread seems like a daunting feat to many, but it doesn’t have to be with easy garlic cheese bread recipes like this one. There are a couple of types of bread recipes; fermented breads (sourdough), yeast breads, and quick breads. Fermented breads and yeast breads may sound similar, but there are a few differences. Fermented bread, like a sourdough recipe, starts with flour and water mixture that collects the natural yeast from the air, so you aren’t relying on very much store-bought yeast at all if any. A yeast-based bread recipe is a little faster than starting a bacterial culture and only relies on store-bought yeast for the rise. Finally, quick bread recipes, like this easy bread recipe, depend on a combination of baking powder and baking soda for leavening. This is the fastest type of bread to create and can come in sweet or savoury preparations, from banana bread to recipes like this garlic cheese bread.

This garlic cheese bread recipe takes only a little over an hour to make, so it is a worthwhile recipe any day of the week. It is also incredibly versatile, which means you will probably want to make a few loaves. Try it for breakfast, toasted, with a fried egg on top and fresh cracked black pepper or have it alongside pasta at dinner. This is one of the best family recipes because even your fussiest eaters will love the flavours of cheddar and parmesan cheese, especially if it is served straight from the oven with a generous slather of butter. The only problem with homemade bread recipes is that they become stale very fast. If you find that your loaf hasn’t got eaten by the second day, you can make a homemade garlic bread by brushing slices with olive oil and toasting in the oven under your broiler. Just rub the toast slices with a fresh garlic clove and you will have the most delicious garlic bread recipe ever. Or, you can cube the bread up and mix with some salsa, black beans, cooked chicken, and milk to create a savoury Mexican-inspired bread pudding. Just top with a little fresh cilantro and green onion, and you are ready to go.

This simple bread recipe relies on a garlic herb cheddar cheese, which brings in some of the garlic flavours, but the garlic bread recipe also uses a generous amount of garlic powder for additional taste. Of course, you can substitute with any variety of cheese that you like and this loaf recipe will be just as fantastic. Consider using an extra old or old cheddar cheese for an even sharper flavour that will balance out the garlicky taste. Extra old cheddar will have a white appearance and won’t show up as prettily as a more orange cheese would, but you will notice the bold flavour. Thank you to Jessica, the author of ‘Center Cut Cook’ recipe blog, for sharing her quick garlic cheese bread recipe.**

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