Garlic Fingerling Potatoes

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This recipe from Judy is an excellent and delicious potato recipe. Potatoes are great since they have an abundant amount of uses and go well as a side dish to many great kid meal ideas. This one is one of many types of potato dishes and Judy gives us an offering that kids and adults will all love. The simplicity in this menu will definitely fit into you delicious potato recipe planner. When considering a great snack or a wonderful side dish give this one a chance since it is a great part of your kid meal ideas list and with the opportunity to use many different dipping sauces for the potatoes you can include ones that all of your diners will love.

Types of potato dishes vary and are as many as the sands in an hourglass. Well maybe that is a bit of a stretch but there really are very many varieties of potato dishes to choose from.This recipe from Judy calls for you to use fingerling potatoes that if you are not familiar with are okay since that is what is great about recipes. Recipes are made for us as a guide but as with this one you can readily use other potatoes and the recipe will not vary. You might have other potatoes than the ones that are called for here but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook this recipe since potatoes are interchangeable and only the cooking times must be changed considering the potatoes used.

Potatoes are forgiving in so many ways but you must also consider what and how you are cooking them. The usual go to potato in recipes that include baking is the russet since it is so affordable and plentiful. Cheese and potatoes probably were the soul mates of the cooking world. The variety of cheese and the availability of healthier choices in the mix allow for you to substitute for the variety and healthier options you and your family are looking for. Here in this recipe Judy uses Asiago cheese but you can use any cheese you and your diners love. The baking method for these potatoes is great since you can cook them and while they are being made you can easily prepare another side dish to go with them or forgo a side dish and create a wonderful sauce to dip them in. Dipping sauces and potatoes are great mates since the potatoes must have been made to be dipped and baked and made into excellent snacks we all love.

Judy’s recipe can also be made with potatoes that have previously been baked or steamed and boiled. Just adjust the time in the oven and you will cut the prep and cooking time in half. Yes recipes like this one make use of the spud that has been part of our menus for many millennia and will continue to inspire us to new and exciting recipes. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy Garlic Fingerling Potatoes Recipe and bon apetit. **

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