Garlic Lovers Spaghetti

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This garlic lovers spaghetti recipe is for all those people who can’t get enough of the sweet and spicy taste of garlic. Perfect al dente spaghetti noodles are tossed with a garlicky butter sauce and herbs before being served in its full flavoured glory. Despite this spaghetti recipe’s seeming simplicity, it will be an enjoyable dish for any night of the week, especially when paired with your favourite protein or veggies. Consider wilting some baby spinach or arugula leaves into the sauce for some greenery and top with sliced chicken or poached shrimp. Ali, the author of the Gimme Some Oven recipe blog, makes this pasta dinner recipe whenever she is craving comfort, and it may become a favourite in your household too.

Although the amount of garlic may seem like a lot for one dish, it really is the secret to how amazing this dinner recipe is. Garlic has a complexity to it where when it is raw, it is spicy and bitter, but when cooked, the taste mellows out and sweetens. Since the garlic is cooked in the butter sauce for several minutes, the taste will be on the sweeter side, and the biting quality will mellow out. Garlic is the start of so many dishes across cuisines, but rarely is it seen in such large quantities. If you aren’t used to working with fresh garlic cloves, you can buy pureed garlic in the produce area of your grocery store, but flavour-wise, fresh is the best. The easiest method to peel garlic cloves is to trim the end and press the garlic clove firmly with the flat edge of your chef’s knife. Once you press the clove, the skin should come off without much effort. Although you could mince the garlic at this point on a rasp, it is best to chop it so that the chunks are a little larger. That way the garlic won’t burn when it hits the heat on the stove.

The sauce in this spaghetti recipe will be quite different from other spaghetti sauce. This one doesn’t contain any tomato and adds a clear coating to the noodles allowing them to shine through. Ali starts her sauce recipe with some butter and garlic, followed by white wine and herbs. The white wine adds plenty of acidity and body to the sauce, which will coat the noodles nicely. The noodles may soak up the sauce quickly one tossed together, so it is always an excellent idea to save some of the pasta water to moisten the pasta if needed. Easy pasta meals like this one is a great place to use leftover wine that might not be as pleasant to drink, but you can prepare this pasta recipe without wine if preferred. Ali mentions that the pasta water will make a good substitute, but consider using something more flavourful like chicken broth instead. Either way, you will have one of the best dinner dishes filled with addictive garlic.

Next time you are in need of easy and delicious dinner recipes with few ingredients, prepare this garlic spaghetti recipe. This pasta will wow everyone with its full flavour, but also give you the opportunity to use up leftover meat and vegetables from the fridge. Simply chop any leftovers and warm in the sauce before tossing with the spaghetti for one of the best quick and easy meals. This is a wonderful place to use leftover herbs like parsley, basil or oregano as well. Thank you to Ali, the author of the Gimme Some Oven recipe blog, for sharing her garlic lovers spaghetti recipe with us.

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