Garlicky Green Beans with Crispy Onions

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This casserole recipe is an updated version of a classic food idea. After trying you may swap this green bean recipe for the original. Instead of the processed variety of crispy green onions, you can make homemade crispy onions, which you will be sure to try again for other food ideas and recipes. To make the crispy onion you'll heat some oil over medium heat in a large pot. Then in a large mixing bowl, separate the thinly sliced onions into rings and toss them with some flour and salt. Shake onions and discard any excess flour. When the oil is hot but not smoking, add a handful of onions and fry until golden brown. Transfer the fried onions to a plate lined with paper towels and repeat with additional batches. For this easy casserole recipe, you'll need canola oil for frying, onion, all-purpose flour, kosher salt, butter, garlic, green beans, low-sodium chicken broth, freshly ground black pepper and grated cheddar cheese. To help with cutting the onions, it will help if you have a mandolin. For the full step by step recipe, you will want to take a look at the Delish site.

If you have a mandolin, but it's a kitchen tool that is hiding in the back of your pantry, this casserole recipe is a good reminder to get it out and start using it. A mandolin is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of recipe and food ideas. Sure, you can accomplish much of the same mandoline's work with a steady hand and a sharp knife. However, a mandolin can make all the difference when slicing up zucchini ribbons and shred brussels sprouts, as it will cut down prep time down and gives consistent, even results. And a mandolin is fun to use. The important thing to remember when using a mandolin is that you want to practice safety first. Make sure to use the hand guard correctly, so that slicing with a mandoline becomes safer than using a knife. However, mandolin blades are sharp and dangerous, and you need to be careful. Make sure to firmly attach the vegetables to the hand guard and don't sacrifice good form for that of speed. Don't think about slicing anything without the hand guard; it's just not worth the risk unless you own a pair of blade-safe gloves. Another tip is to make sure to use the right blade for the job. Most mandolines come with at least three or four slicing blades beyond the basic mandolin blade. These blades allow you to slice paper thin slices, a little thicker such as potato chips, thick julienne good for french fries, and thin julienne.

Some of the recipes ideas you'll want to try with a mandolin include ratatouille, asparagus ribbons, shaved Brussels sprouts with apples, sweet potato chips, homemade potato chips with rosemary, zucchini tagliatelle, tri-color cole slaw with lime dressing, and garlic scalloped potatoes to name a few. For scalloped potatoes a mandolin slicer is perfect, it means that your dish will cook up evenly all the way through. For coleslaw make sure to choose the correct julienne setting on your mandolin to make the fresh slaw in minutes, and try adding things such as red cabbage and green apple. Use a mandolin to slice apples to dry in the oven for a healthy snack idea.

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