Garlic-Parmesan Cheese Pull Apart Bread

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style

Who can resist a good home made loaf of bread, let alone a bread with loads of cheese and even some marinara sauce to dip it in! Try out this awesome Garlic-Parmesan Cheese Pull Apart Bread recipe from Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style. Your family is sure to be super impressed with these buns, and will always want more. They are so easy to make, you could maybe even get the kids to help you make them too! The buns are not made from scratch, they are Rhodes, pre made buns that you just bake in the oven, which makes it even easier! I have never seen that in Canadian supermarkets, but then again I never knew about ready to bake buns, so maybe I will see if there are some next time I go shopping.

The U.S. stores definitely have different stock in their grocery stores than we do here! So I am sure you could just make home made rolls for this recipe if you are in a different country that doesn't sell pre made rolls, ready to go in the oven. These ones would sure make it easier though! They look so darn good too! The perfect golden brown, with the shiny gloss of the butter on them, and some melted cheese in the little pockets, with some nice herbs on top!

It would be great with some fresh Italian parsley on it and some fresh garlic on it too! Even to have as a side to a pasta and then dip them in the sauce that goes with the pasta you are having! People would be super impressed to see these brought to a dinner or potluck meal, everyone loves some good, home made bread after all! And no one would know the difference if you didn't tell them that the buns weren't made from scratch! Head over to 'Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style' by following the link in the section below for more!

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