Genius Cooking Ideas and Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

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If you are a camper, then you will love this list 41 genius camping simple life hacks that you’ll wish you thought of sooner. Of course, once you take a look at these DIY ideas and simple life hacks, you can use them on your next camping trip. Camping is a lot of fun, and these DIY ideas and simple life hacks can only make it better. Whether you choose to go camping in a tent or rent an RV and head across the country, camping is always an adventure, and a great activity to enjoy with family and friends. Of course, if you've been camping before you know all too well just how important it is to bring along the proper gear. So before you head out on your next camping trip, you'll want to take a look at this list of 41 genius camping DIY ideas and simple life hacks. The following are just some of the simple life hacks you will find at the Buzz Feed site.

1. Add a wrapped sage smudge into your campfire or fire pit to help keep the mosquitoes and bugs away. This natural pest control and DIY idea not only works, but it smells nice too.

2. Here is an awesome s'mores dessert recipe hack that your kids will love. Twist open an oreo cookie, and put in some melted chocolate and a perfectly roasted marshmallow. The name for this dessert recipe is S'moreos.

3. Stovetop popcorn such as Jiffy Pop can be made over a campfire. Stovetop popcorn is easy to transport, and the kids will be amazed when the foil begins to expand. Make sure to careful, as the handle of the stovetop popcorn will become very hot. You can also make your own stovetop popcorn DIY idea out of popcorn kernels and some aluminum foil. For this DIY idea, you will need a couple of tablespoons of popcorn kernels, two tablespoons canola or vegetable oil and some aluminum foil. To make, place the popcorn and the vegetable oil on an 18-inch square of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Next, seal the edges of the aluminum foil to form a loose pouch, making sure to leave some room for the popcorn kernels to pop. Tie a corner of the popcorn pouch to a stick with a piece of string. When you are ready to use shake over a fire until the popcorn is popped.

4. Keep your toilet paper dry with this simple life hack and DIY idea. All it takes is to use an old CD spindle; the toilet paper roll will fit perfectly. If you are trying to save space because you are backpacking, take the tube out and then flatten the toilet paper. Keep the flattened roll in a plastic bag instead.

5. Tick prevention for humans. Safely remove a tick with a cotton ball that has been soaked in liquid hand soap. This diy idea for pest control has to be used on the tick for at least 20 seconds. The tick will stop biting, back out, and will remain stuck in the cotton ball when it is pulled away. If the tick has been embedded in the skin for awhile, keep it in a jar so that you can test it for Lyme disease. Note that there is debate on whether this step actually works.

6. Use your deodorant stick as a mosquito bite itch queller. Stop the itch caused by mosquitos by rubbing a stick of deodorant on the bit. You will find this list of 41 Genius Camping simple life hacks at the Buzz Feed site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, simple life hacks, dessert recipes, food ideas, health tips, videos and so much more. **

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