Genius Cupboard to Store Knives

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Knives in the kitchen. Where to you store them? Personally I do not like the 'magnetic' knife holders where the knives are totally exposed. Many people use that method, and it is just a 'thing' with me. Maybe I've watched to many movies where knives are used as weapons! That may be part of it, but also having raised a family, having big sharp knives exposed to children is just not something I was ever comfortable with.

So the article we are featuring shows what has the potential of a great design. This sliding knife drawer is narrow so could fit into a kitchen plan. It holds the knives very nicely, so that is a plus too. Overall the concept is great, but as you read on, to the comments, you will see many of them referring to the fact that there is no safety lock on the drawer that would make it very dangerous and easy for a toddler or child to open. Interestingly there are several comments of concerned people on the lock factor, but other than the child safety concern this is an attractive and good design. Knifes are also accessible when they are in drawers that can be reached and from the wooden blocks they are stored in, so it would be good to keep all this in perspective and appreciate the design of this knife holder. In an 'adult' home, this would be a fabulous part of the kitchen design.

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