German Chocolate Brownie Pie

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Here you have a pie that is made the same way you would make a brownie recipe. Heidi gives you and easy brownie recipe that is in the form of a pie. If you have ever wondered of how to make easy brownies then you have come to the right place. This is one of many homemade brownie recipes. Chocolate is usually always welcomed with smiles and if you are a fan then you will quickly realize that a recipe like this easy brownie recipe has chocolate included in the recipes ingredients list. Yes you will now know how to make easy brownies and you will also know how to make them in the form of a pie. Take your other homemade brownie recipes and include them in a pie and you will have instantly doubled your recipes list. Take one recipe and try to include it in another recipe.

If you have a pie recipe that you love then by all means try to make it into a pie like this one. Make every recipe you come across be an inspiration to you to make more recipes and to make unique ones that are mostly all of your own choosing. There are many different types of chocolate. You can choose from the sweet, semisweet, the dark and even white chocolate. You are only limited by your own creativity. Chocolate comes from the cacao bean and this was first discovered and used by the Peruvians of old. This magical seed has been used and cultivated in Mesoamerica since 1900B.C and was mostly used to make a drink somewhat like the hot chocolate we drink today. It was so highly valued that it actually became a type of currency that was used to trade with other villages and if you were in control of the supply then you probably were the most well off. Trade between the many different civilizations in those days of past carries on today and many people make their living on the sale of the cacao bean.It was eventually brought to Europe in 1502. Those days of old were great since explorers traveled the world and brought many new food discoveries to the rest of the world. It eventually made it way across Europe and then from there it has gone on to circle the globe and many relationships have blossomed with the simple chocolate treats one lover will give to their prospective love. You can melt it and add it to strawberries and other fruits.

Whenever you need to be forgiven then chocolates are great olive branches to put you in their good book again. Whenever you have a recipe that calls for chocolate then try to put in a dark variety since they are the healthier choice. The sugar count is way down and the dessert you are making usually has sugar added then why would you want to add more with the chocolate.Thanks to Heidi of Foodie Crush Blog for this yummy German Chocolate Brownie Pie Recipe and bon apetit.**

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