German Chocolate Cake

Photo Credit: The Southern Lady Cooks people are not aware of the history of this rather strange name for a cake, but it is not that German Chocolate Cake is of German origin at all. It is, in fact, named after the man who developed the special dark chocolate used to make this cake. Sam German was an American who worked for the Bakers Chocolate Company in 1852. For his contribution, the company named a baking chocolate after him.

More than 100 years later, a Dallas woman developed a recipe using the chocolate that German had invented and named the cake after him. General Foods, which owned the chocolate invented by German, widely distributed the recipe to increase sales of the chocolate, which it successfully did. Over time, the apostrophe simply got dropped from the name, and the cake became known as German Chocolate Cake.

German chocolate cake is marked by three characteristics that distinguish it from other chocolate cakes. It contains chocolate, of course, and plenty of it as the cake and icing are both chocolate, caramel in the middle of the cake or in as many layers as you create for the cake, and coconut in as many other places as you wish to put it. Nuts, usually pecans, are often part of the coconut filling and frosting.

This particular recipe shows a great picture of its rendition of this famous American cake on the website. Be sure to take a look at it as it will help you construct the final cake.

The recipe uses buttermilk, which gives cakes a tangy finish and helps keep the cake moist. It also calls for butter, but suggests margarine as an alternative. Go for the butter. It creates a smooth and velvety finish that no other fat can compete with.

You will also use pecans and coconut to make the frosting. Dont toast either. The sweetness of pecans and coconut are a wonderful blend to this cake and give it its particular taste and texture.

Some recipes of this cake also call for cherries, either fresh or candied, to be added as a garnish. You can do this if you wish, but the flavor is so rich it is hardly needed.

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