German Chocolate Carrot Cake

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This show stopping dessert presents you with two cake recipes in one; German chocolate cake and carrot cake. This German chocolate carrot cake recipe takes the cake layers and cream cheese frosting from classic carrot cake recipes while using a German chocolate frosting recipe on all the sides of the final cake. Usually, there is one icing for carrot cake recipe, but by using two, this German chocolate carrot cake recipe becomes even more amazing than it already is and even harder to resist.

If you would like to ascertain how to make carrot cake, this carrot cake recipe is a little less traditional than your classic version. It adds pureed carrot baby food instead of grated carrots, which gives the cake layers their bright, orange appearance, and makes the cake very moist. Rather than using baby food, you can also use pure carrot puree although it will take some time to prepare. Just cover sliced carrots with water to boil until tender, then puree in a blender. Using a puree that you make yourself will ensure that you get all of the carrots nutrition, rather than using a mix that contains other ingredients. Carrots are an exceptionally healthy vegetable and one that everyone should consume all year round. They are the most noteworthy for how much vitamin A they contain, which is crucial to maintaining good eyesight and healing burns and cuts fast. Another thing that may concern you about making a cake is removing them from the cake pans. For added security, it always helps to add a round of parchment paper to the bottom of the pan, since it’s at the edges of the bottom that your cake will most likely stick.

While some carrot cakes stir walnuts into the cake batter, this carrot cake recipe doesn’t need that inclusion since you will get that crunch from the nutty German chocolate frosting. Although the german chocolate frosting recipe has the word ‘chocolate’ in it, it doesn’t contain any chocolate at all. This icing recipe is representative of the frosting that accompanies any German chocolate cake recipe by being a cooked mixture of evaporated milk, sugar, coconut, and pecans. This mixture becomes a sticky, chunky icing that is perfect for adorning the sides of any cake, and well suited to this carrot cake recipe.

This German chocolate carrot cake recipe fulfills all your dessert wants of moist cake with tangy cream cheese frosting and a crunchy coating. If you desire to take it over the edge, however, you can serve this as a plated dessert at your next dinner party by drizzling each slice with a little melted dark chocolate. The chocolate will pop on the white icing of the cake and make it look even more impressive than it already is. This cake recipe will be a hit wherever you choose to serve it and will be sure to fulfill all of your dessert needs. Thank you to Sandra, the author of ‘A Dash Of Sanity’ recipe blog, for showing us her creative take on two cakes, in this German chocolate carrot cake recipe.**

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