German Chocolate Cookies

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We want to say thank you to Tessa at "Handle the Heat" for sharing this fabulous German Chocolate Cookies recipe. The thing you are going to find with this cookie recipe is that Tessa likes to bake and share recipes that are made from scratch. She points out that most German Chocolate Cookies recipes involve a cake mix so for those of you that prefer from scratch recipes, here is one for you! This cookie recipe makes 24 cookies, has a prep time of about 20 minutes and a baking time of 40 minutes so that means in less than an hour you can be enjoying the aroma of freshly baked cookies in your home.

There are two components to these cookies, the cookie itself and the topping. The ingredients are fairly standard, and the cookie recipe calls for unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate chips, so we are going to get a really nice chocolate flavor. There is a difference between Dutch-process and natural cocoa powder, so you want to be aware of that as natural cocoa powder will not give the same result to the recipe. Dutch-process cocoa is usually leavened in a recipe with baking powder. Baking is a complex science so to get the best results when baking uses the ingredients that have been tried and tested. The cookie itself comes out with a soft but chewy texture in the cookie that is in fact loaded with melted chocolate chips.

The topping recipe promises a sweet and nutty flavor from the pecans along with a textured tropical flavor from the coconut. The recipe calls for sweetened shredded coconut, and there is also sugar in the topping. If you want to bring down the sweetness in this delicious gooey topping, you can substitute a natural unsweetened shredded coconut as coconut itself has its own beautiful sweet flavor in a natural form. The topping is made in a saucepan on the stovetop and is prepared once the cookies have baked and cooled. Each cooled cookie gets a nice thick spread of the topping. Drizzling chocolate on the topping makes these cookies picture perfect, and that final touch adds so much to the presentation, even if it does take a few extra minutes for this step.Did you know that the name German Chocolate Cake or Cookies has nothing to do with coming from the country of Germany. In fact, it was named that way because that's the brand of chocolate that was commonly used. When you visit 'Handle the Heat' for this recipe, be sure to browse through, as you will be inspired by a large range of dessert recipes as well as savory recipes along with some interesting cooking and baking tips.

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