German Chocolate Macaroons

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If you like German Chocolate Cake then these German Chocolate Macaroons should be on the top of your baking list. The rich and sweet flavor of coconut blended with caramel, chocolate and pecans is perfect. Does it get any better than this? Not for my taste. For macaroon lovers (like me) there is almost nothing you could put in to this cookie to make me not just love love love its taste and texture. For me, the little macaroon packs a huge flavor punch that keeps on floating in my mouth long after the last morsel is gone. And that’s another thing. You eat this cookie in teeny tiny bites and each one is potent with coconut flavor. Yum. This recipe even punches up the coconut flavor a notch by adding in some coconut oil. Good plan.

The recipe here has the chocolate added afterwards as a drizzle on the macaroons. What a lovely idea. Why not double up the chocolate and add chips in to the macaroon as well. Perhaps two different kinds of chocolate? A homemade recipe for caramel that is also swirled on top is provided. Try it. It is easy to make and the flavor results are far superior to anything you could buy at the super market.

This is a very pretty cookie, with its white coconut base and chocolate and caramel swirls on top and over the cookie. Make it any time you are lonely. Pile them high on a plate to admire their beauty. Eat as many as you need with good hot tea. This cookie will have you dancing around the house with pleasure in its joyful taste. Why not make up a batch or two for the family tonight? Everybody could dance.

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