German Chocolate Pie

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Don’t panic! You do not need to fly overseas to get a special chocolate to make this German Chocolate Pie. The word, German, comes from the name of the man who invented German Chocolate Cake. Over time, the apostrophe and the letter, s, fell away from his name, and so today this recipe is known as German Chocolate rather than the original name of German’s Chocolate (pie, cake, etc.). It is just another example of how funny words, names, titles and other things can be in the English language!

This recipe blends the ingredients for German Chocolate cake in to a pie recipe to create a fabulous blend of coconut, pecans and chocolate. This will give you a pie that is sweet, rich and filling. Melissa, the recipe creator, uses some quick pie making tactics to make this recipe fast and easy. For example, she suggests a commercial pie crust as well as a home made one. A commercial crust can save you quite a bit of time and hassle (although it is always fun and more tasty to use one you make from scratch). She also uses a convenient sprinkling rather than mixing method for adding the chunky bits. There are great photos on the website that will show you how easy this step is to adopt. Oh—and don’t miss the shot at the bottom of a true German Chocolate Cake. That will certainly be the next dessert on your baking list.

This pie will be a great hit with your family. The combination of coconut and chocolate is fabulous, and no one will be able to resist it. Serve this pie up with whipped cream rather than ice cream for a perfect complement of flavors. Nutty, sweet, chocolate-y delicious. Try it tonight!

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