German Chocolate Upside Down Cake

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German Chocolate Upside Down Cake is a popular form of cake that marries two recipes in order to create a fresh, new and exciting dessert. Here, a traditional German chocolate cake is blended with an upside down cake to produce this German Chocolate Upside Down Cake. This recipe makes a cake that is made up of three layers of terrific taste and texture.

Here, the first layer of this German Chocolate Upside Down Cake echoes the traditional invention of the German chocolate cake. The original German chocolate cake was actually made by a guy whose name was German, and it was called German’s chocolate cake, after the creator. Over time, the possessive form of the word was dropped. Even today, people can become confused about this cake, thinking that it is German in origin, when it is an American invention. This cake blends coconut, pecans and a sugar and melted butter mixture. The commercial boxed German chocolate cake is poured on top, and then the German cake is punctuated with dollops of cream cheese. When the whole thing is cooked, you flip the cake to reveal the upside down part. Here, the coconut, pecans and melted sugar and butter create a lovely and sweet texture similar to the original German chocolate cake. Then the chocolate cake is now below that topping, and filled with lots of cream cheese.

You can serve this cake warm with fresh ice cream or whipped cream. Make the cream from scratch if you decide to make that. There is nothing that beats fresh cream. This recipe is perhaps easy enough for a mid-level baker to try on his or her own. The recipe takes a bit of time to be sure that the layers are in the right order, the various mixtures are blended properly, and then that the dollops of cream cheese are evenly spooned and distributed. Enjoy this twist on a couple of classic dishes soon. Every one will like it, you can be sure.

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