German Red Cabbage

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Like many German cabbage recipes, this braised red cabbage recipe is tangy, sweet and savoury with a combination of chopped onions and apples, and a hint of cloves. Cabbage is a staple in German culture, which is partly because it is a vegetable that grows well in cooler climates. It may also be because it is nutritionally rich in vitamin C. Historically, sauerkraut, which is a type of fermented cabbage, would have been kept on board ships to prevent scurvy because it wouldn’t spoil. During the World Wars, sauerkraut remained a staple of the German diet when households were required to ration and needed a vegetable to sustain them through winter. This rot kohl recipe is about as traditional as they come. The website, The Best German Recipes, showcases a very traditional dish in German culture, using the same ingredients and techniques that German households use when they make it. The apple adds some tartness and sweetness depending on the variety used, while the onion adds some savoury complexity. If you love the taste of red cabbage already, you will be intrigued by how delicious this dish is.

If you are looking for easy and delicious dinner recipes, this cabbage dish is just the thing. While it takes some time to braise on the stove, the process of cooking it is simply a matter of placing all the ingredients in a large Dutch oven and allowing it to simmer until the cabbage is very tender. The cabbage reheats very well, too, which means you can make it ahead of a weeknight dinner or even a Holiday meal where you have lots to prepare. In German culture, this red cabbage recipe would be served for any meal and often is served as part of a special meal alongside roast goose or duck. Sausage or Beef roulade are exceptional options to serve this cabbage dish alongside too. Easy cabbage recipes, like this one, are always handy to have in your back pocket for when you want to serve roasted meat on a cold day.

This cabbage recipe uses clarified butter, which is butter that has had the milk solids removed, and therefore, it can stand a higher heat without browning. While using clarified butter isn’t necessary here, it has a much more delicate flavour than regular butter. You can make you own clarified butter by melting butter in a pot on the stove. The milk solids, which is the white foam in the butter, will separate automatically and rise to the top. You can remove the milk solids from the butter by slowly pouring the butter out of the saucepan into a bowl. Alternatively, you can purchase ghee, which is an Indian clarified butter, from your local grocery store or an Indian supermarket.

The best part about this cabbage recipe is that it is ideal if you require meals for large families. This dish makes a lot of cabbage, which means you can serve a lot of people or pack portions of it in the freezer for an easy meal later on. The recipe recommends placing the bay leaf and whole cloves in a sachet so that the flavours permeate into the cabbage, but the spices don’t end up in the concoction itself. You could use a store-bought tea bag or square of cheesecloth tied with twine. Alternatively, use ground cloves instead and add the bay leaf directly to the cabbage mixture. You will be able to pull the bay leaf out easily at the end of cooking. Thank you to The Best German Recipes website for sharing their German red cabbage recipe with us.

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