German Roasted Potato Salad

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There are so many fabulous salads, and none can be better than this German Roasted Potato Salad recipe. Try it and you will certainly agree, and so will your family. This potato salad recipe draws on Yukon Gold potatoes, which are an especially flavorful potato. They are also a lovely golden color (thus the name, of course) and look very pretty when they are baked and mashed. In this potato salad recipe, the Yukon Golds are cooked along with the onions with a little olive oil and seasonings before being blended with the other ingredients in the recipe.

This potato salad recipe is a bit different than the traditional North American potato salad recipe made with eggs and mayonnaise and then chilled before it is served (and which is fabulous in its own right). This German potato salad recipe is one that is cooked and served warm, and which is made with vinegar and other sharper seasonings to produce a more piquant flavor rather than the rich one characteristic of the cold potato salad. The German potato salad recipe starts with roasted potatoes and onions, then adds sultry and salty bacon to really make the flavors pop. Vinegar adds plenty of sharp snap to this great dinner accompaniment.

This dish is quite easy to make, and does not take long to pull together. The one thing you might want to be sure to use in this recipe is Yukon Gold potatoes, both for their great flavor and unique appearance. Still, almost any potatoes will do, and Yukon Golds are often substantially more expensive than simple field potatoes. Both offer the same, great nutrition, and especially fiber if you keep the skins on them when you cook with the potatoes, something that you can easily do with this recipe. This recipe does not need to be served hot; warm is just as good or even room temperature. And these potatoes will work well with just about any meat, chicken, lamb, fish or other main course that you might want to serve at the dinner table tonight. The bacon is a great seasoning that adds loads of flavor to the potatoes, and the vinegar picks up and sharpens all of the flavors of the potatoes, bacon and onions throughout this dish. It is quick and easy to make, so let the kids help, and it will come together easily and well for dinner tonight. Enjoy this potato salad recipe in the winter months when everyone wants some comfort food to fill their tummies, and rich and warm dishes are just the ones to hit the spot with the kids and everyone else who might visit your dinner table. Enjoy this dish soon!

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