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If your mattress is in need of a good clean, you might be wondering how to clean it. One Hometalk member shared her tutorial on how to deep clean a mattress using natural cleaners. You can buy chemical mattress cleaner at the store, but since you're going to be right up next to your mattress for a long time each night, you should use natural mattress cleaner. You might find that after a while your mattress starts to smell, or you just want to do a deep clean of everything in your home, so you have that fresh, clean feeling. Our mattresses accumulate a lot of sweat and dust over the years which is why it's so important to clean them regularly. For this cleaning tutorial, you'll need some baking soda and a measuring cup. You can also use some essential oils if you like too which will leave your mattress smelling amazing and it will also provide you with some aromatherapy too. Measure out two cups of regular baking soda and if you want to put some essential oils in it, just drop in 15 to 20 drops in or however much you would like and then mix it into the baking soda really well in a jar by shaking it or in a bowl by stirring it.

When you have your baking soda ready, sprinkle it all over your mattress and spread it out evenly. Allow the baking soda to sit for one hour or longer depending on how much time you have. Then, grab your vacuum and use the brush attachment to suck up the baking soda off of the mattress. You will notice right away how fresh your mattress smells and feels. The entire room will even feel much cleaner too. The baking soda absorbs and neutralizes any odours that have set into your mattress and pulls any excess moisture out of your mattress too. If you use essential oils, they will get into the fibres of the mattress and leave a nice scent behind. You can use an oil you enjoy or even a blend. Essential oils that are good for disinfecting and purifying are tea tree oil, lemon, and orange. For a relaxing scent use lavender which will make your bed the perfect resting place each night. You can also make a mattress spray with essential oils in water with a bit of rubbing alcohol to spray all over your mattress and pillows with each time you change the sheets to keep it fresh.

Just take one cup of distilled water and mix in 10 or more drops of your favourite essential oils. You can find great essential oil recipes online too for various purposes. Then, mix in a teaspoon or less of rubbing alcohol which will help disperse the oils throughout the water. Shake the bottle to mix each time you go to use it and then spray as much as you like. This is a great natural substitute for Fabreeze and can be used on any upholstery, just be sure to test it out on a small area first. Now that you know how to deep clean your mattress, you probably should also give your pillows a good cleaning too. You can actually clean your pillows in the washing machine. Read the labels on your pillows first just to make sure that you can wash them. Then put them in the washing machine and run them through with a low sudsing detergent. Always run them through the rinse cycle twice to get out all of the detergent. Then either air dry them or dry them in the dryer.***

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