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It’s effortless to see why the tiny house movement has taken off; home prices have soared, and many people are concerned with the environment and sustainable living. The problem is that even micro homes are becoming pricey for those with lower incomes and people are searching for even more affordable options. One way to off-set the cost of a tiny home is to purchase building plans and build it yourself. The website,, provides their readers with home building plans that they can purchase through PayPal. They are an online home design firm that has several designs available for purchase. They will even customize the plans if you contact them. This particular small house design is excellent for those who have lower incomes and prefer to work from home because it has a top living space as well as a lower garage or studio. The garage area could be transformed into an office for your business, an auto body shop, or an artist’s studio.

This is one of the best small home plans because it grants lower income people with an affordable option for having a home, as well as gives the space for having a business. With the rising cost of homes in different parts of the United States and Canada, this is reassuring. has calculated that a couple who are each making ten dollars per hour full time, could afford to build this home. The home would cost approximately $80,000 to build. They calculate that a couple with a household income of $38,400 annually would be able to afford to build this $80,000 home on a property that costs $30,000. To find a property at that rate, you may have to move outside of the city, but if you make a little more money, you may be able to stay in the city. In a world where job wages don’t match the cost of living, this is a ground-breaking option for home ownership.

This particular small house design costs only $125 and will provide a roof framing plan, floor framing plans, floor plans and more. This plan was designed by William Edward Summers, who was formerly a California-based designer of homes, but now lives abroad. There are several plans of varying sizes that customers can choose from. None compare to the benefits of this tiny live-in/work home, because it gives the owner the opportunity to both live and work from home. If desired, you could renovate the garage into another living area and have a larger home, but you could also renovate it for the purpose of renting it to others or use it as an artist’s studio.

When home buying is difficult because of prices that are far above the wages of average people, building a tiny home gives an easier, more affordable option. For more information on the plans,visit Easy Building Plans website. See their website where they have photos of their home designs. You can ask questions you have through an online form on their main page.

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