Get rid of disgusting carpet stains - Goo Gone works!

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Grandmother always prefers natural safe cleaning products, but certain jobs require tougher measures and this cleaning tip worked so well, we want to share it with you. Goo Gone is likely more well known for how effective it is in sticker removal as when nothing else seems to work to get that gooey sticker mess off a jar, Goo Gone will remove it easily and quickly. For most sticky label jobs though an organic solution of making a home-made Goo Gone from 2 parts baking soda to 1 part coconut oil and a couple of drops of a nice essence oil such as lemon or orange works like a charm on label removal. Basically you just apply the goo gone onto the sticky area, let sit a few minutes then rub off the glue with a cloth or your fingertips. Natural baking soda works well for most cleaning needs and you will read about many tips and variations. Natural household cleaners are safe non toxic cleaners to use so always are first choice for us.

However, the carpet shown in this photo is about 20 years old in a high traffic recreational area. Regular carpet cleaning and many attempts at scrubbing out the black stains with organic household cleaners had failed. We don't always have the luxury of carpet cleaning services and need to do this carpet cleaning task ourselves. This carpet was scheduled for removal at some point because it looked so disgusting! A friend shared information that she used Goo-Gone on her carpet stains and that the Goo Gone didn't leave any marks or stains itself and as a matter of fact took out marks that nothing else would touch. To clean the carpet stains you just spray the Goo Gone on, let it sit for a few minutes then use a scrub brush to scrub gently and you will see the nastiest of stains disappear. Goo Gone is a solvent made with Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light d-Limonene and orange sweet extract, so it is not natural but if you have a carpet stains that you cannot remove and are just wishing you could rip out and replace that ugly covering on your floor because of the stains, you may want to give this method a try first. As always when using a product on carpet, as a precaution, we suggest spraying the Goo Gone first on an area of the carpet that you would not see to test for yourself before proceeding to a fully visual area. This is a good practice whenever you are applying a cleaning product to a surface. We also suggest using rubber gloves whenever you handle any products that are not 100% natural.

It is always a healthier choice to use eco friendly cleaning supplies and natural cleaning solutions so that you and your family are breathing in good clean air. When you do use the Goo Gone, we suggest having an open window and do at a time when it has a couple of hours for the smell to be gone before you have the kids playing in that area.

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