Getting oily stains out of dark colored clothing

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When it comes to doing the laundry and getting your clothes squeaky clean, oil stains have to be the worst – especially for dark coloured clothing. How do you remove oily streaks from dark clothes without affecting the colour quality of the fabric? These cleaning tips and tricks should help.

The best way to deal with a stain is to get to it as quickly as possible – preferably right after it’s happened. Stains that have been permitted to sit a while, or to dry out completely, are more difficult to remove. Stains that have already been put through the washer and dryer are even more challenging to get out because the deep-drying action can cause the stain to set. But, fear not, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We’re pretty much trained these days to use a stain remover or laundry pre-treater product before we toss the items into the washing machine. These heavy duty cleaners often work well for light coloured clothes, removing all kinds of stains including oil stains. But, they don’t always work so efficiently for dark coloured clothes – well, they actually work great, but so great that they can fade the initial fabric, making our clothing look older than it actually is. The best way to get around this stain removal conundrum is to use an all-natural cleaner that’s strong enough to remove the stain but gentle enough to leave your fabric’s colour quality intact. The best natural cleaners are the ones that we concoct ourselves at home, and that’s where this DIY stain removal detergent comes in handy. With just a few ingredients that you probably already have floating around your house, you can mix this inexpensive cleaner recipe up before your next laundry day.

Whether it’s an old stain or fresh one, the first thing you need to do is to spray it with hydrogen peroxide. This will start breaking down the grease molecules so the stain will be easier to remove. As the hydrogen peroxide is soaking into the fabric, add a few drops of Dawn dish detergent and vigorously work it into the stain with your fingertips until tiny suds begin to form. The next step is to add just enough baking soda to create a thin paste. If you add too much, don’t worry, just add a few more spritzes of peroxide until the consistency is perfect. Last but not least, get out a clean, old toothbrush and scrub the area thoroughly on both sides. Then leave it for at least a half an hour and up to an hour before tossing the item into the washer. Launder it as you would normally and when it’s done, the stain should be gone but the colour should look the same. If any residual stains remain, follow the process once again until it’s completely disappeared.

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