Giant SMORES Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

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So, if you are looking for a dessert that is your reward for anything you decide you get to be rewarded on, how about making it a big portion! Just one of these Giant S'mores, Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookie will likely be enough. Contributing blogger-cook-baker and recipe developer, Tara from her website, Smells like Home even shows a picture where she measures one of these baked cookies. It looks to me like that cookie is about 5-inches wide!Now THAT'S A BIG COOKIE!

The size of this cookie makes sense considering the way these cookies are made. When assembling, you are putting makings of a S'more in between what would be the makings for two chocolate chip cookies. All of this is sandwiched together, then baked as one big mass. What it creates is two chocolate chip cookies holding the S'more component in between and this translates into bite-able goodness that will make anyone with a little cookie jealous!

Some recipes are just fun to share and to bake because if their uniqueness. Once you get to the site you will enjoy the photographed details on the method. It is a joy to work from a recipe that is so well described. The recipe makes four giant cookies. If you have teenagers and they have a special sleep-over or some kind of event happening with a friend, this would be a good project. Instead of hanging around just wondering what to do with themselves, they can bake giant cookies. You can be sure your home will be filled with laughter! Yes, they will likely be a little sugared-up, but knowing teenagers, they can already have 'lots of energy' anyways.

Please enjoy and we hope you find a reason to bake these cookies. You will find the complete recipe by clicking on the "Smells Like Home' website link just below.

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