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Giant Tissue Flowers go back decades in decorating. You can make them large or small. Who has not been to an event and one time or another in their lives that have not displayed paper flowers?

Have you ever made them yourself. Often the best way to tackle this fun project is with some friends. If you plan to be making dozens of these festive tissue flowers, you will want to have a 'flower making party'! They are fun to make when you are in a group. Entice and enjoy the event with snacks and beverages.

Fortunately, there is a rainbow of colors you can select the tissue from cause ladies as we all know YES the color does matter! For anyone that is planning an event like a wedding or prom hours of thought goes into the process. You can choose bright, brilliant colors or soft pastels in all the colors of the rainbow.

The tissue generally comes in a standard size of 20"x26" and various package sizes. If you are only making a few, you can purchase individual packages, but if you are going for volume it is more economical to purchase in packages of 100. The pattern you are going to see uses six sheets of tissue paper for each flower, and they are held together either with floral wire of pipe cleaners. As these are 'giant' flowers, they also have a dowel that gets wrapped in floral tape to make the stem.

If you are planning lots of these flowers, you may want some that do not need a stem and get attached directly to where you are decorating. The ones on stems can go in colorful vases. Sounds fun right!

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