Ginger Garlic Baked Chicken

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This recipe for Ginger Garlic, baked chicken looks so appealing and for all of those home cooks out there that are cooking drumsticks and need some variety in the flavor, you will appreciate the Asian flare in this recipe.

Drumsticks can be purchased in big family packs, and they are more inexpensive than breasts. That makes a big difference to lots of families that have active, hungry boys! Well, some little girls can eat a lot, but let's face it; it is amazing how much food a growing boy can pack away. I have two small nephews, six and eight years old and the eight-year-old in the past few months went from eating child portions to eating double portions! We are already saying to his mother, Oh My Goodness, you are going to have to cook a lot of food as these two young fellows are growing up and when they are teenagers! Both these boys love drumsticks, and they both love Asian food, so this would be the perfect recipe for this family.

The recipe we are sharing serves 2-3 people and you can easily double or triple it. You make a tasty marinade that the chicken must sit in for at least 30 minutes but up to two hours. You line a baking sheet with aluminum foil to save on clean-up time later as the sauce can be sticky and hard to wash off. The drumsticks are then put into the oven to bake. This is easy preparation and while they are baking you could put on a pot of rice and perhaps have ready some fresh broccoli to steam just before serving time! This would be a perfect, tasty, nutritious meal!

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