Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Cake Bars

Photo Credit: Kevin and Amanda

Who doesn’t like Girl Scout cookies? Yes that is what answer was expected, everyone does. Cookies in general are always good for a rousing applause. There just is something about Girl Scout cookies that makes them special. This recipe from Amanda and Kevin is one of many fun recipes for kids. They are tasty snacks that can be lovingly shared with your little ones. Cooking with kids is a great way to inspire them while having a great event to share in. If you get them involved you might just be inspiring them to be the next great baker of our time. The real great thing about cooking with kids is in the sharing of the creation of something you can all enjoy.

Kids might have inspired this one specific take out of a large amount of fun recipes for kids. Most recipes for tasty snacks are usually inspired by a child or by the child in all of us. Most of us can still remember the aroma wafting around the house when our Moms or Grandmas were baking cookies. That smell stays with you and why not inspire another generation of kids in the same way we were. Kids love to make a mess and this mess will have accomplished something so get them involved.Cookies are always a welcome treat especially around the holidays. Kevin and Amanda’s girl scout cookie cake bars can be a welcome addition to your family gathering and with Easter on the horizon they can also be great for all your little egg hunters and family or friends you have over to share the holidays with. Any time of year will be great for cookies and we all remember our Mom’s or Grandma’s cookies were always the best but now you can have another recipe for cookies that you can add your own ingredients to and make it your own. With Kevin and

Amanda’s recipe everyone has a recipe that they can make together with their kids or with their significant other. Always remember that recipes and cooking is meant to be shared. You can share the outcome and you can also share in the making. When you consider the cost involved in buying the ingredients and the time spent making them you will quickly realize that they are negligible. The best way to ensure the contents of the food you are eating is by making it yourself. Nobody is as quality control fussy as you since you are always cognizant of what you and your loved ones are eating. Making food yourself from scratch is better than anything you buy premade because you can be sure of what you add to the recipe.Thanks to Amanda and Kevin of Kevin and Amanda Blog for this yummy Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Cake Bars Recipe. With recipes kike this one it will help you convince the kids and loved ones in your life to lend a hand and make something you can all enjoy together. A family that cooks together eats together. Bon apetit.**

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