Glazed Apple Fritters

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The first time I made apple fritters I swear I ate the whole batch while I was cooking them. Okay, it was a small batch but my goodness there was no way to resist. They smelled insanely good, and those golden brown crisp fritters just made their way from the cooking pot to the draining plate straight to my mouth. They are so delicious just as is; one does not even need to glaze them. But, of course, we WILL glaze them too as that makes them even more scrumptious.

The Glazed apple fritter recipe we are featuring is from 'The Kitchn' and it is a great, from scratch recipe that makes about 12 fritters. I will share a few of the tips you are going to find in the article.

Let us learn a little bit about deep frying. Deep frying can be a dangerous thing as that oil gets frightfully hot! Never have children near a stove when you are deep frying. My mother always taught me to use the back burner on the stove when heating things like oils, just because it at least makes the pan out of reach. Always use the right tools and have them ready. The suggestion in this featured article is for and Asian-style spider spatula and not tongs, or a very wide slotted spoon. Of course you need a frying thermometer as the temperature of the oil will determine success or not in deep frying. Concentrate on the task at hand, never multi-task when you are deep frying. Oil splatters, so if you are sleeveless or guys shirtless, you can get burns. Always cook only cook one or two fritters at a time, especially until you get the method down and the oil temperature exact. You can burn them pretty fast or just have too much going on if you put a whole bunch in the hot oil all at once.

Now, get yourself over to 'The Kitchn' website for the fantastic recipe, ingredients, and instructions and make yourself a batch of these apple fritters!

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