Glazed Lemon Brownies

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Glazed lemon brownies may sound like an oxymoron. Brownies traditionally were a chocolate cake made in a pan. They are an American invention from about the late 1900s or so. This version of the cake is a small square creation, but of the lemon variety, rather than chocolate. It is finished with a lovely, glazed lemon topping that is tart, tangy and sweet. It is a quick and easy cake to make and one that can easily be frozen and pulled out of the freezer when guests appear at the door. It is a great standby cake, and worth making in double quantities to freeze.

This recipe is made from scratch. It is a great starter cake using standard mixing and blending methods and so great for a young person just starting out baking and cooking. The recipe calls for fresh squeezed lemon and lemon zest. Be sure to use both. When flavors are layered like this in recipes, the tastes really pop. The icing is a quick blend of freshly squeezed lemon juice and icing sugar, so again the lemon flavor will just explode in your mouth when you eat it. Try not to eat all the glaze before it gets on to the squares!

This is also a great go to cake recipe for those days when you join friends for a BBQ or picnic in the park. It is quick and cost effective to make and everyone likes lemon, especially on hot summer days. This cake is also great to serve for an afternoon snack or to cut up for people to nibble on after a big dinner. Any way you serve it up, this cake will be appreciated for its fresh and light lemon taste.

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