Glazed Zucchini Bread Banana Muffins

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Glazed Zucchini Bread Banana Muffins are a fun and tasty dessert or snack that can use up those three foot zucchini that crop up every summer. Zucchini are an astonishing vegetable for their desire to grow and grow and grow . . . but stop them when they are little, or they stop tasting any good! Zucchini is a super vegetable to eat, and bring plenty of moisture to whatever dish you add them in to. They can be eaten raw, sautéed lightly in a pan, and used as here, to provide moisture and texture to a sweet dish.

This recipe uses whole wheat flour. Be sure you get a legitimate whole wheat flour, best bought in an organic food store where the label clearly says the grain has been ground whole. Otherwise, you might just be buying white flour where the grain and bran have been poured back in, a much less flavorful flour, often drier, and less nutritious. Whole wheat is a great choice for this muffin. The granular texture and deeper flavors work nicely against the banana and the zucchini. And the zucchini provides extra moisture, which is great for a whole wheat sweet. Coconut sugar is much less sweet than regular sugar or brown sugar, and is really quite different in flavor as well. You will notice the difference if you use it. You can use another sugar, of course, but there is really nothing interchangeable in terms of flavor. Brown sugar will add its own notes, which are really lovely against banana.

This is a great and more nutritious muffin to offer your family. They can grab and go in the morning and you can feel good they are taking something with nutrients in it with them. Try it out.

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