Golden Detox Smoothie

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A super quick and delicious way to get a lot of nutrients into your body, whether for general health or a detox, is a smoothie! Try this Golden Detox Smoothie recipe developed by Emily from Favorite Family Recipes blog.

This smoothie recipe has a lot of health benefits. It has Vitamin C, antioxidants and the mineral potassium from the fruits and vegetables, plus also high quality protein from the Greek yogurt. How are these benefits to your body? The potassium in fruits and vegetables is good for heart health and blood pressure. Vitamin C from the fruit in this Detox Smoothie Recipe is great for the immune system too, helping to prevent you from getting sick. Vitamin C is also good for the skin, helping to keep it looking young which is an added bonus! Antioxidants, which contribute to the different colors in fruits and vegetables, help protects our body’s cells from damage and disease. In this healthy recipe you can see how the antioxidants give this smoothie its golden color. As for the protein from the yogurt: Protein is important to build and replace the cells in your body from muscles cells to hair, skin or bone cells to name a few. Protein also helps keep your immune system strong. Regular yogurt can be used in this smoothie recipe, but Greek yogurt has more protein. As Emily notes in her blog, for this healthy smoothie recipe, you can also add some protein powder for even more protein. All these nutrients make this smoothie recipe a win-win.

This Golden Detox Smoothie is also really satisfying and refreshing after a work-out. It can help replenish the fluids you lose in sweat when you exercise and if you make it with ice or frozen fruit it can help cool you down after your work-out.

Ice cubes are used to make this smoothie frosty and refreshingly cool. If your blender has trouble with ice cubes or you don’t like crunching into them in your drink, then an easy way to get the frosty effect is to use frozen fruit.

This fruit and vegetable smoothie is also a nice treat when you want to relax in a hot bath with an exotic but healthy beverage - garnish it with a piece of pineapple, a few cherries or an orange slice. You can even add one of those decorative drink umbrellas for some extra pizzazz and pretend you are poolside at a luxurious resort or lying on a beach in the tropics. This Golden Detox Smoothie fills a large sized glass, is not too sweet and is quite filling without too many calories. It is quick and easy to make. Nutritious and delicious!

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