Gooey Carmelitas

Photo Credit: The Baking Chocolatess

A terrific combination of whole (rolled) oats, commercial caramel, and chocolate chips go in to the baking of these great Gooey Carmelitas. The Gooey Carmelitas look delicious, too, and you will want to check out the fabulous photos on the web site, The Baking Chocolatess, before you even think about not making these yummy treats. Gooey Carmelitas are rich, sweet and decadent. What saves them from being overwhelmingly sweet is the oats. Oats are a great ingredient for baking. They are buttery and slightly sweet on their own, but the fiber in them helps you absorb and slow the sugar coursing through your veins after eating a treat as sweet as this one. And the oats add great texture and flavor of their own that just works with chocolate and caramel.

This is a great blend of flavors. Commercial caramels help make the task of putting this little dish together a whole lot easier. You might get help from the little ones on this dish so they can steal some of the treats involved in making this snack. This dish will serve up wonderfully cold, but consider serving it when it is still quite warm. Although cutting the pieces might prove a bit challenging, it will be so good to put that piece of gooey carmelitas on a big scoop of ice cream that it will be well worth the effort.

This is a sweet dessert that the kids will totally love. Serve it warm when they home from school with a big scoop of ice cream. Save the whipped cream for the adults at dinner, and serve them cold gooey carmelitas that will be somewhat less sweet. These treats are quick and easy to make, and will be appreciated by everyone who gets to have some. Make these up soon at your house.

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