Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cake

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A Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cake follows one of those recipe blends that seems to make no sense at all when you are putting it together, but gets the right results every time. Some how, pouring hot water over the top of the cake causes a certain part of it to invert and create a sauce on the bottom. If you have never made such a cake before, it can seem quite magical the way that it works out. But it is really quite simple.

This cake is entirely made from scratch, so you can expect great home made goodness from this blend of butter, chocolate and flour. And if you are wondering what a cake such as this one will look like when it is done, visit the web site, Six Sister’s Stuff that put this recipe out and check out the photos. You will see a result that is wonderful and delicious to see. The steps to make it are clear and simple; this is not a difficult cake to bake at all. But the results are really fun and tasty. Serve it with hot fudge and ice cream as the recipe suggests. And consider choosing just plain vanilla. It is one of the best contrasts and complements to chocolate, underscoring its richness and depth.

This is a great recipe for those nights when you want to make some thing that is a little bit special. Let the little ones watch while you make this cake. They will be delighted to see you pour hot water on top of a cake mix, and will certainly “ooh” and “ah” with amazement when this sloppy mess turns out in the end. And they will certainly give you the greatest complement for the baker, and eat up as much of this delight as you will let them have. Enjoy this soon, won’t you?

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