Gooey Smores Cookie Bars

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What is it about S’mores that people love them so much? And now you can have gooey smores cookie bars! And this recipe is quick and easy to make so you can have them tonight.These great and gooey smores are also a great recipe for new and upcoming chefs. They can likely do most of the food preparation themselves, with minimal oversight, and this is a great, fun and delicious way to have kids start to learn about the basics of cooking and baking. It is also a fun way to spend time together that is not in front of a television and gets both parents and kids up and doing something!

Many of the ingredients are pre-packaged, which makes it an easy beginning and learning approach so young cooks are not intimidated by a lot of steps or ingredients. Littlest hands can stir and help spread some of the ingredients. The recipe layers the marshmallows and chocolate chips in a way that makes them very pretty. So put this dish in to a glass pan when you bake it, or be sure to cut pieces and serve the results on a plate to display what you and the kids have made together.

The recipe is the work of blogger, 23-year old Hayley, who says she started to bake and cook when she just got tired of eating at fast food joints every night. She still likes to use simple ingredients to make more home-style foods, though, so her great recipes are not overly complicated. Younger bakers and cooks might also appreciate what she has to say about food and cooking and like her crazy photo that you can find on her About Me page. You will find out that Hayley taught herself to bake, so this might encourage young people in your own household to try their hand at this important culinary skill.In any event, this dessert is fast to come together and can be served warm or cold, alone or with ice cream or whipped cream. It’s your choice. . . Or may be the choice of the person who makes them! Try some tonight.

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