Gorgeous wood working idea from old wooden pallets ! Check it out ..

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Upcycling is a great way to reduce waste and to save some money. Plus, it’s a fun way to get creative and do some diy projects. Pallet recycling recently became popular within the past several years or so. People noticed how much free wood they could get from these pallets and decided to put it to good use instead of just burning them or sending them to the landfill. If you’re not familiar with what upcycling is, it’s when you take old items and repair them or repurpose them into a new project. DIY wooden pallet projects are a great example of upcycling, and there are so many wood pallet ideas you can choose from to try out. Primarily, wooden pallets are used for shipping cargo to stack items. You have probably seen them at your local home improvement store or any other big box store. The wood that they are made of can be salvaged and used to create some pretty cool items and pallet projects. If you’re wondering where to get pallets, you can try searching in your local community for people who are giving pallets away for free, or you can also try calling big box stores in your area to ask them for some used pallets. Sometimes they will even take your number and call you back when they have some used pallets in stock leftover from their shipments.

Once you’ve collected a couple of used pallets, you can then use them to make some really cool diy pallet furniture and some unique accessories. Stuff you can make out of wood pallets that doesn’t require you to take them apart includes hanging them on the wall to create a wine rack or a spice rack. You can also make a vertical planter out of the used pallets by adding some gardening fabric and some soil in the slats and then adding herbs or other plants. Other diy pallet projects that don’t require you to dismantle the pallets include laying them on the ground and adding soil to plant veggies in or stacking them to create an outdoor table in your backyard. Putting some wheels on the bottoms of the used pallets also helps to make them move around easily. You can also connect some full pallets together to make a pallet sofa for outdoor use and then place some nice comfortable cushions on it to sit on. Some people even make pallet sofas that hang like swings. Put a bunch of the pallets together to create a fence in your yard and then paint or stain them a nice colour.

Other things to make out of wooden pallets may require you to take them apart to have some pieces of wood to work with. The easiest way to do this is with a pry bar or a hammer. You should take your time and do this gently so that you don’t crack or break the pieces of wood. There are many great YouTube tutorials showing you how to take the used pallets apart so that you can make some cool diy pallet projects with them. You may want to clean and sand the pieces of pallet wood before you begin to make your pallet projects. Planing them to get them all to be the same or a similar size and thickness is also very helpful too, and it could even make them look like newer pieces of wood. Always try and find pallets that haven’t been treated with chemicals especially if you’re using them for growing or eating food off of. Try out some of the cool wooden pallet projects and maybe you can even come up with some of your own too.***

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