Grandmas Apple Crisp

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Who’s ready for fall? Although who’s to say you can’t eat Grandmas Apple Crisp recipe in the summer season! Words are not enough to describe this delicious apple crisp recipe. The apple filling is full of decadence with cinnamon and the tangy flavor that comes from a special ingredient added to it. The crust is so buttery and crisp you’ll never believe it. It’s easy to prepare as well since the only thing you need to do is toss the ingredients together and bake them until the apples are cooked tender, and the topping is crispy and brown. Also, this recipe uses just seven simple ingredients yet retains the good old fashioned apple crisp flavors when you taste it. Apple crisp is just as special as apple pie especially when you know that the recipe has been passed on since Grandma’s time. It’s almost unfair to compare the two, but you get the point, right? It is a perfect dessert recipe to make for a large gathering or even as an occasional treat for your family members. Because it’s an easy recipe, you can also make it for busy occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. A simple yet delicious apple crisp recipe like this one should have no rules after all.

Apples are full of essential nutrients your body needs like vitamin B6, and C. Apples are high in dietary fiber with little to no saturated fats or cholesterol. Doesn't all this make apples an ideal fruit to cook with? From all the various health benefits that come from the nutrition in apples, it is inexcusable not to eat them more often. The nutrition in apples is the best way to indulge in apple dessert recipes apart from eating them on their own. Remember when you bake recipes with apples, it’s always a good idea to use real wholesome apples as opposed to using canned ones that have unwanted preservatives in them. You’ll notice the difference in taste when you use fresh apples from the canned ones right away. Also, there is something very satisfying about peeling the apples and doing the prep work with all the sweet anticipation of making the best apple crisp recipe. Sure, it takes extra effort to peel and prep them, but it is a healthy practice compared to using canned apples. If you don't have a lot of time on hand, you can, of course, go ahead and use the canned apples from your local store, however, stick to the organic apples that come in BPA-free cans.

In this recipe, you can also add chopped nuts like pecans or almonds for a crunchy twist. You can even whip up cream cheese with cinnamon and sugar and drizzle it on top. One important tip is to always use fresh spices for achieving freshness in this recipe or any recipe that calls for spices. It is a good idea not to use spices that have been sitting on your shelf for a long time since spices tend to lose their aroma over a period. It makes baking this recipe worth it when you replace the old spices with fresh ones to retain all the flavors.

Thank you to Melissa at the Chin Deep food blog for sharing this Apple Crisp recipe with us. For more dessert recipes do check out Melissa’s blog where she shares her passion for simple dessert recipes. Every bite of this fresh apple crisp dessert is sink-your-teeth-in good and wonderfully comforting with the warm spices. You’ll want to head straight to the kitchen and make it this instant for your family. Enjoy!

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