Grandmas Best Donuts

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There is something about the doughnut that has really made a cultural impact the world over. A simple, delicious wheel of fried dough, topped with something sweet, from granulated sugar and cinnamon, honey, chocolate, coconut, this simple, universal confectionery goes by many different names in many different languages but shares the same soft spot in the human culinary heart. These particular doughnuts are Grandmas best Doughnuts.

Grandmas best doughnuts are an old fashioned, and my personal favourite, cake doughnut, which means they use baking powder instead of yeast as a leavening agent and, therefore (drum-roll please) there is no wait time. The science behind it is simple: yeast needs time to proof and ferment, whereas baking soda does not, meaning they take longer to make and, therefore, longer, to go from the fryer and into your mouth. Cake doughnuts are also slightly heavier than yeast-raised doughnut, and more doughnut is always preferable in my book. From South Africa to Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Indonesia, the whole world has an immense love and respect for what we in North America refer to as: the doughnut. The term doughnut is believed to have been coined by American historian Washington Irving in his History of New York written in 1809. From there, the moniker apparently stuck.

Grandmas best doughnuts are best served hot from the fryer, and you should have no problem keeping them fresh for a few days after cooking, just so long as they are sealed properly. I, like grandma, like my D-nuts simple (just good old fashioned sugar and cinnamon) and with a coffee, watching Youtube videos in my comfy chair on a Saturday morning, the sun shiningI've found my happy place. One thing of note about getting these right: invest in a thermometer. You can pick one up for about 5 dollars, and they are worth their weight in gold because getting the oil right, means getting the doughnuts right. You need the oil to heat up and then stay at 375 throughout the cooking process, or your doughnuts are going to come out too soft and overly greasy. With a prep time of 10 minutes and a cook time of 10, these 20-minute grandmotherly delights are easy to make on the fly. To get the full recipe and instructions for Grandmas Best Doughnuts, follow the link to Buns in My Ovens webpage at the bottom of this article. Om nom nom!

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